Last week, I was fortunate enough to have a spiritual coaching call with fellow blogger and lover of light, Liv Lane, Human Sparkler. She is all that, and more. Sweet, insightful, funny, connected.

Connected, with a capital “C”.

Her work is to help us to live in the sweet spot of our lives, encourage us to realize we know our purpose, use her connection with Spirit to offer clarity of direction, remind us that we can see the signs of what comes next, and give us courage to make the leaps required to live the life we want to and are meant to live.

With love. With joy. With light.

My call last week? I can’t even tell you how powerful it was. I’ve been laying low a bit letting it all sink in. But I do imagine that my posts will begin to reflect it in a whole new way, soon.

What on Earth do I mean by “spiritual coaching”?

I mean harnessing all possible light-filled powers-that-be on our behalf — angels, spirits, guides, loved ones who have crossed over — asking for clarity and guidance so that we can best be of service in our lives, for ourselves and for others. Learning how to develop relationships with those aspects of our experience in order to connect more fully with our own creative source, the beating of our own heart (and drum!), our own intuition and inner guidance system.

Call it God, Spirit, the Universe, Source. What have you.

It’s the same divine spark that resides in each of us. The same energy and elements of Nature that make up our nature.

And when we know this connection, when we understand that we are all made of the same energy, we can live trusting that we are never alone. That we are one with all that is. That we have gifts and unique passions that only we have to share, that the world desperately needs.

Sometimes, we need a reminder.

After Trooper’s passing almost two months ago, I’ve been walking the fine line between grief and this incredible — and surprising — sense of expansive relief. Part of that relief is knowing that we did right by her and that she is happy having shed her failing and painful physical body, still romping in her new digs (yes, I was able to connect with her during our call!). As the pain wanes and the space of my heart opens, I see new possibilities. I trust that the time is ripe for me to make some strides in my life that maybe I didn’t have the energy or willingness for before.

So I called upon Liv — who I know from a year long course of hers I’m participating in called Project Light Year — for assistance.

One of the main reasons I’m sharing this with you, is that Liv is having what she’s calling a Flash Sale on her Firecracker calls…


…beginning this Friday, April 18th at 10am CST.

If you are feeling a little lost, are looking for a little direction and guidance, for some re-connection with your purpose, I highly recommend it.

And as with everything else I share on the blog, I only bring to you what I’m passionate about and have experienced on my own.

It’s worth it.

As for me and my newfound clarity? Well, stay tuned for more about that. :)

Until then, I wish you connection and clarity on the journey, my friends. Buckle up, and enjoy the ride!//