Two Times

What a tremendous week! Spending it in Portland, Oregon with my wonderfully silly, slightly insane, uber-cool world dominating friends at none other than the World Domination Summit (#wds2014) was almost as awesome as last year.

Well, come on…last year I won my ticket for 2014, so of course it takes the cake!

And in some ways, this year’s adventure was even better. Here are the top highlights…

1. Lunch at Mother’s Bistro when I first arrived in Portland…

IMG_7044I didn’t have the biscuits, but this pulled pork sandwich was a dandy and I would go back and eat there in a second.

2. A side trip to Multnomah Falls

IMG_7062The day before the conference began, I was fortunate enough to hop a ride with some friends to this beauty. Not only is this place a treasure, the tree-canopied road to get there was breathtaking. The weather was unseasonably warm while in Portland (well into the 90′s most days), so the mist off the falls cooled us as we climbed up and up and up.

A must-see.

3. Logging my second Guinness Book World Record — World’s Longest Yoga Chain

IMG_7119with over 800 people crowding Pioneer Courthouse Square and doing “the wave” of five yoga poses, holding each one until the wave returned, marking our turn to switch to the next pose…

IMG_7268…holding up to 20 minutes per pose as we waited. Here it looks a little lax, easy even, but 90 degree heat increased the challenge. It was so powerful to Om with so many people, to create something so beautiful and extraordinary as a community coming together — exactly what World Domination Summit is all about.

And I have a second world record to add to my resume! :)

4. Meeting lovelies from the on-line world.

If WDS is anything beyond the principles of Community, Service and Adventure, it is all about the people. I relished my five days in Portland meeting new people, connecting with friends from last year, and even running into folks I have previously known only as a postage-stamp-sized picture on Facebook in circles completely unrelated (or so I thought) to this.

IMG_7270It is indeed a small world.

5. Inspirational speakers who share the story of their lives, and how they have chosen to live an unconventional life in a conventional world…

IMG_7314…which just goes to show what I see as the importance of my new project, Coming Home: Stories from the Heart — that it is by sharing the wisdom of our journey that we are able to inspire others to more fully live and share their own.

Also a poignant reminder to me that we teach what we most need to learn! ;)

Dee Williams, author of The Big Tiny: A Built-It-Myself Memoir, was one of more than a dozen speakers who graced the main stage and filled our hearts during the weekend.

My heroes!

6. More yoga, this time in the shade of the park. Renowned DJ Drez and Yoga Rocks the Park organized an event with us to get our yoga on.

Another opportunity to meet new folks…

14641259645_e98355a97d_o(photo credit: Armosa Studios)

…and an invitation to have some fun while we waited…

IMG_7294We found a spot of shade to beat the heat, and it was a positively perfect practice.

7. It wouldn’t be a trip to Portland without a stop at my beloved Salt & StrawIMG_7297Sea Salt Caramel is my absolute favorite! But you can’t beat the endless samples they provide so we can be sure to make just.the.right.choice.


And after this sweet treat, we practiced more partner yoga, but this time on the street…

IMG_7308…because while dominating the world, we often ask ourselves…why the heck not??!? :D

8. Play in a music video of Pharrell Williams’ Happy, WDS style.

Fellow WDS attendee Anfernee Chansamooth from Australia (yes, this conference draws folks from all over the world!!) put a post on the WDS Facebook page rallying the troops to show up and participate in his video. We had a blast! He filmed, edited and posted this before most of us left town.


Now that’s leveraging your talents for maximum fun!!

Thanks, Anf!

9. Up, up, up and away.

IMG_7364Yes, I rode in a hot air balloon!

Granted, it was tethered, but I hopped my self into that little old basket with my friends and took a ride…

IMG_7372Who has a hot air balloon at the closing party??!? I’m telling you folks, this conference is the BEST!

Which is why I’ve already registered to return next year. :D

There’s not another thing like it. Complete with finding my soultribe, this trip is like summer camp for grown ups.

I’m hooked!

10. Dipped my toes in the Pacific.

Last but not least of the most wonder-filled adventures of my past week, was a trip to the Oregon coast post-conference with my high school chum Val, who came to visit me and whisk me away to the ocean to cross another item off of my 44×44 list.

I adore the city of Portland in more ways than I can say, but too much city time — even in that city of parks and fountains and river and true beauty — gets under my skin and makes me crave a deeper connection with Nature.

So after a ride through the country, stopping at a farm for beautiful berries…

IMG_7375 …and cresting a lovely mountain to reach the coast, we delighted in walking barefoot on the beach near the dunes, in the cool, refreshing fog and mist, chatting and catching up.

Let me just say, it is much easier to catch up on a year’s worth of adventures this time, as opposed to 25 years’ worth as we had to when we saw each other last year! ;)

Nature delivered in more ways than we could imagine…

IMG_7386…not only did we spy this one very beautiful and very alive sand dollar (you mean they aren’t all bleached white, dried and hard?), but a whole beach full.

They were everywhere.

Reminding me that around every corner, at every turn, new adventures — incredibly awesome, story-evoking adventures — are simply waiting for us.

If only we take the risk, embark on the journey, cast our false ideas of what we think we know and have figured out aside, and open our beautiful beings to the great unknown.

IMG_7381And what a gift it is.

What adventures await you??? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


For more information about WDS, visit and sign up for updates to know when tickets for 2015 go on sale to the public. I hope to see you there!//