Intentionally Full

Wow. Is it really already the middle of September?

It seems my “August Break” lasted a little longer than originally intended!

My past few weeks have been about continuing the low-key August vibe and soaking in the beautiful back-to-school energy that I adore about this time of year.

Endless possibility with a side of new-shoe excitement!

So much so, that I decided to carve out a bit of a retreat for myself while T took his annual trip into the Boundary Waters. A couple of days at our family’s cabin with the kiddos…


…and a few more on my own on the shores of the Big Lake (aka Lake Superior)…


It suited me well…


Taking a break from the blog for so long has felt strange, odd, wrong, and yet incredibly right. I had visions of all of this free time during which to putter around the house and tend garden and make art and process fresh produce from the farmer’s markets for the cold months ahead.

Yet somehow, I did virtually none of those things. Who knew that with this one thing — this very big thing — off my plate, it still stayed FULL.

During my time away from here, I…

…taught a weeklong writing workshop for kids at my friend Lindsay’s youth organization courageous heARTs


…continued meditating daily outdoors per my meditation project, The Mirror (today was Day 59, folks!)…


…threw myself into completing the landscaping portion of our yard project (still not complete!)…


…took part in the ALS icebucket challenge,

…ignored the red squirrels who are using our soffits as a raceway,

…hosted a gathering of family in celebration of my paternal grandmother after she passed away,

…completely neglected my email accounts,

…located my dream meditation chair at a neighborhood garage sale…


…took my one and only trip to Pizza Farm


…finally visited an odd little place near us called the Caponi Art Park (it was on my 44×44 list)…


…climbed a mountain (well, by Minnesota standards anyway)…


…and had a bonfire by the sea Big Lake…


It’s been a time of love…


…true love…


…and I’m oh, so much more than grateful.

I’ve been moodling on and meeting with folks about my new project, Coming Home – Stories from the Heart and will have more to reveal on that endeavor soon.

This time has shifted me in a big way. Now, instead of saying how busy I am, I relish how intentionally full my life is.

“Busy” gives off this panicked feeling of life going bonkers and spinning off out of control while we race behind, miserably failing to keep up.

This is not the energy I want to invite into my life.

Saying my life is “full” is ripe with intention, possibility, centeredness and invitation. Even if it finds me running from one event to the next with barely enough time to get my outdoor meditation in.


This is so much more up my alley, as I learned in earnest these past six weeks.

Yes, I’ll still have to tend to my email and those pesky red squirrels. But knowing I’m doing these things because I want to instill order and calm into my life — not because, dagnabbit, they are taking over and someone has to do it — feels so much more the way I want my life to feel.

What shifts have you made these past six weeks? I’d love to hear.

And now, there’s plenty of intentional space for the blog to re-enter my life. Even as full as it is, we create room in our lives for what is important.

You are important. :)

I’ve missed you and it feels great to be back.//