Devoted Focus

Do you choose a “word of the year”?

For the past many years I have chosen a word of the year, a word I use to guide my choices and actions throughout the year. Perhaps it’s based on a new growth point that arises, something asking to be paid attention to. Most often, though, it shows up as a North Star to steer my ship by.

Typically, this word has shown up around my birthday, in October. While during the past few years, the word might have started showing itself in flashes by fall, it hasn’t revealed itself completely until the New Year.

This year was that way.

And what showed up for 2016 is Devoted Focus.


Although it had shown up bit by bit over the last couple of months, there were a lot of other contenders, too. I wrote down every word or phrase that bubbled up in my awareness as a possible candidate, and began to sit with each one, whittling the list down to only a few.

In the end though, I found devoted focus by stopping the search.

Once I let go, it found me.

I did my part; I listened, I paid attention. But it wasn’t until I sat back and surrendered to the possibility that the very intention I needed was making its way across space and time to me, that it arrived. A co-creative discovery based on faith, trust and love.

Devoted Focus.

To me, devoted focus represents an intentional slow down. An intentional sitting with and being with what is essential, choosing what is important, refining my energetic output and input, deliberately choosing how I invest my natural resources. This is how I wish to spend my 2016, devoting my loving focus and attention on every bit and bauble that lights me up and brings me joy.

And to practice bringing that level of honoring and respect as well, to the things that are required but don’t exactly make my heart sing…like cleaning out the refrigerator, for example. Things that occupy necessary space in my life deserve my single-focused attention, as best I can.

See, as a life-long, self-proclaimed student of the Universe and explorer of the Soul, I can easily overextend my energetic reach in satisfying my interest in learning and growing and expanding. Taking this class here, reading those books there. Busy, busy, busy.

Granted, there will still be these things this year, just not as many and not on the same level of intensity as usual. Instead of letting FOMO (fear of missing out) make my decisions, I will gauge my energetic investment against the level of joy present in my life when I take on that one.more.thing.

Saying no to things that push my hopes for peace of mind over the edge means creating space to say yes to the things that nurture it.

(Must have learned that last year when “creating space” was my word of the year!)

Can you hear me sighing already??!?

The thing about “word of the year” is that it often has an ulterior motive, special lessons that we didn’t realize were a part of the package. This is part of the magic of choosing/being chosen by a particular word or phrase, like it or not.

What 2016 has already taught me, is that devoted focus isn’t just about giving all of my attention to the things I want to. Sometimes things I don’t want to give my attention to show up…like old stories and beliefs that keep me stuck, or painful reminders of grief that I was sure must be gone. These things, too, are asking for my time and attention. And while I can say no — it is my choice, after all — devoted focus invites me not only to say yes to what feels joyful and easy, but to say yes sometimes to what feels hard, showing up to the important work of my Soul, giving those old wounds the nurturing and compassion they need to heal.

What I find about my words of the year over time, is that they build on one another. Together, they lay out this beautiful unfurling tapestry over those years, marking with their arrival the growth and the progress, the challenges and the setbacks, in its warp and weft.

With Creating Space (2015) I have made room for the divine and sacred attention of this year’s Devoted Focus.

What is your word for 2016? What is calling to you for this year that would come to you if you were able to create the space to sit back and let it find you?

I’d love to hear.

I am excited to see where Devoted Focus will take me this year. All indications are that it has some pretty dang big plans. ♥


Fun happenings at the homestead…

I’m launching one of my favorite offerings, a gathering of women designed to explore — through our own sacred story — our experience of dark and light as we welcome in the coming Spring. The Sacred Storytelling Circle is a coming-together of like-minded, like-hearted kindreds fostering connection and remembering of our own inner and collective wisdom. Give yourself the gift of being seen and heard, as you share that gift with others.

Sacred Storytelling Circle7-weeks2.2.16-3.22.16 (1)

What people are saying…

Christy creates a circle like no other where strangers and friends are invited to listen with the ears of their heart and in so doing, learn more about themselves. It feels sacred, tender, and beautiful — an experience of fellowship and introspection that moved me more deeply into myself and more confidently into the world. ~Liz C.

I attended Christy’s Sacred Storytelling Circle at the fall equinox. Although I didn’t know the other participants, Christy created an intimate, loving and supportive space for us to tell our stories, and equally as importantly, to be seen, heard, and supported. The experience was magical! I am typically very strong and independent, and yet I left that evening feeling open, appreciated, and strong in a part-of-something-bigger way. Christy is filled with light, and it’s contagious! I highly recommend her Sacred Storytelling Circle! ~Jen K.

Tuesdays evenings from 6:30-8:30pm
February 2 – March 22, 2016

Cost: $139
(less than the price of a drop-in yoga class)

Register before January 23, 2016 and pay only

If you are interested in learning more and getting signed up, take a look around my new website for more details.

I am so grateful you’re here! Wishing the happiest of 2016 to you and yours.