Another Step

The past six months have been a time of incredible change and growth for me, and honestly, at times I’m just trying to keep up.

Thailand — and saying a big, joyful YES! to that adventure — was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

I’ve blossomed in the way that it seems 40-somethings tend to blossom. Less worried about screwing up, more comfortable with the unknown, and living friendlier in my own skin.

I’m taking risks that even two years ago I could only dream of.

Where I was once deeply afraid of making new connections and¬†reaching out to people I didn’t know, I do it with abandon now. If someone is doing something that inspires me and I feel like that is someone I need to know, I contact them and invite them for tea (you know, because I don’t drink coffee…pretty sure that is one thing that isn’t going to change ūüėČ ).

Just to pick their brain. Just to listen. Just to learn.

Where I was once deeply afraid of sharing my big ideas without having a PLAN in place for how I was going to make them happen, now I’m telling anyone who will listen. I have become comfortable¬†sharing what I’m up to and what I want to build and create, even when I have absolutely no clue what my next step is. I’m more trusting of my creative process and the deep understanding that we’re all works-in-progress.¬†That one-foot-in-front-of-the-other, and trial and error is just how life works.

That our job is to simply show up and take one inspired step after the next and see what unfolds before us.

Where I was once deeply afraid of asking for what I want and need, I see now that I have an abundant foundation of support. I never really believed in it before, but it has become crystal clear that I have had access to it all along — I just had to allow myself to choose it. Yes, I believed in the support of my family and friends. But I now enjoy¬†the gifts of a talented yoga instructor, the skills of a trusted healer, the wisdom of a trusted therapist, the insight and advice of a trusted group of like-minded and like-hearted women, the co-creative flow of a trusted connection with the Universe, Nature and the very earth beneath my feet.

We are all supported in similar ways, whether we allow ourselves to connect with the breadth of what is available to us or not.

Two summers ago, I said YES! to my first trip to the World Domination Summit, which had been calling me for some time. I credit my experience at that gathering with supporting my unfolding in the two years since. Surrounding myself with kindreds has freed me up in bold and different ways to embrace my becoming.

That first WDS I attended in 2013, I had no idea what to say about who I was and what I wanted for my life. Yet being surrounded by 3,000 others who want nothing more than to know who you are and what you’re passionate about provides a unique opportunity to share what is there at the¬†core of your being, if you choose to.

I had a lot of conversations where I dove deep and said what was in the truth of me.¬†I talked of my writing, my love of the creative process and experiential learning, my passion for yoga and Nature and meditation. I mused about how, in my experience, all of these things come together to get to the heart of each person’s¬†story.

Little did I know the seeds I was planting, just by giving voice to my passions.

Last year’s trip to WDS allowed me to zero in a bit. By that point, July 2014, I had reconnected with my dream to work with kids who have life-limiting illnesses and shared openly that I had absolutely no idea how this would happen. But I talked about this work I wanted to¬†do in the present tense and trusted it¬†was coming…simply by¬†my committing to taking one inspired step after the next.

Little did I know the seeds I was planting, just by giving voice to my dreams.

As I embark on yet another year at WDS (leaving this week!), I move into the experience with a bit more purpose, as I unveil the Coming Home Heart Stories Project


This project has been brewing for a while, if the page “Coming Home” on this blog that I created in April 2014 as a space holder — even before last year’s WDS — is any indication.

The project’s most recent incarnation is this:

The Coming Home Heart Stories Project is a sacred gathering space to share and learn from the legacy wisdom of young people facing end-of-life.

Though what it might possibly end up being as time moves on, I have no idea.

And I’m OK with that.

In the days¬†before I leave for Portland, these¬†business cards are being printed and the website — at least the barest bones of it — will be up and running. Once at WDS¬†with cards in-hand,¬†I will¬†share, once again, this next step in my process. As I have learned to do, I will share it with abandon to anyone who will listen.

Little do I know what seeds will be planted as I give voice to my purpose.

Before I go, expect another post here on the blog¬†sharing more about my journey, and a post on the new site of the first story I’m so grateful and honored to have witnessed and gathered.

I speak of it in the present tense as much as I can, even though the project isn’t — and I’m not — quite there.

I do this because it has worked so remarkably well for me in the past.

I do this because I am a work in progress.

As is this project.

And as are you.

What dream could you give voice to, even if you have no idea how it would ever happen?

I’d love to hear.