A Dog Named Jack

We arrived at our hotel in Virginia Beach last night about 6:30. We had been traveling since first thing in the morning so I hadn’t had the opportunity to get my meditation in and knew I had to get down to the water immediately or risk meditating in the dark.

At the top of the stairs leading to the beach, I kicked off my sandals and delighted at the cool sand between my toes. The light was beginning to fade, but I scanned the water’s edge for a place to land.

A large yellow lab caught my eye.

Apparently I caught his, too, because next thing I knew, 90 pounds of blonde dog was barreling right for me.

There was no question at all what was to be done. My heart leapt as I crouched down to receive him.

Hey, sweet thing, I cooed as he arrived. He leaned against my legs, wagged from tip to tail as I scritched him all over.

It was as if we were the only two on the beach. Like we recognized each other and greeted one another with the enthusiasm and tenderness of old friends.

Meanwhile, his people were calling after him and apologizing like crazy, but I assured them it was more than alright.

In fact, it was perfect.

I told them about having lost Trooper in February and how I welcomed such a glorious puppy fix. They told me that Jack was 8 years old and was suffering from cancer. They weren’t sure that they’d ever make it back to the beach with him before he goes — the vet wasn’t giving him much time.

And he so loved the beach.

As I continued to love him up, they remarked that he hadn’t run like he had across the beach to me for quite some time. Without hesitation.

With pure abandon.

They were genuinely struck by it and were thoughtfully puzzling it through.

Suddenly, with tears in his eyes, the man said, He must have seen something special in you to take off like that.

I had felt it already, but for him to say it, I was sure.

I leaned in close to Jack and whispered, Hi kiddo, I’m so glad you’re here!

As we said our goodbyes and their pack of three wandered away, I settled in to meditate and said a little prayer for Jack for a peaceful and painless passing.

And asked Trooper to be there waiting to walk him home.//