Where I’ve Been…

So, for a year dedicated to devoted focus, I’m certainly doing my work!

Where have I been, you might ask?

I have been focusing devotedly on my new website, on connecting further with my calling to work with young people with terminal illness and their families, my outdoor meditation project that is nearing day 600, and creating courses and gatherings to share my love of story and experience as our greatest teacher with the world.

It’s big stuff that I’ve been weaving together for a lifetime, and I’m well on my way to bringing my awesome crazy ideas, intuitive pulls, and deep callings to light, one inspired step at a time. It takes energy, courage, devoted focus, and — always a surprise to me — ample rest.

Why that surprises me so, I don’t know. Perhaps the cultural expectation of hitting the ground running and pushing through full-speed-ahead until a goal is reached is still tugging at me in some ways. But what tugs at me more is the need to honor what arises.

Because I know what happens when I don’t.

What makes this journey so interesting and alluring is the wonder of seeing how it all unfolds. The more devoted my focus on the things that matter, the smoother the transition seems to flow, bringing me all of the opportunities, people, and possibilities I need to guide my progress on my path.

What that means for me, is that I’ve needed to get real about where I’m investing my energy, and therefore, my focus. Because I can’t, nor do I want to, do it all.


Out at the park the other day, I discovered this sweet little bird nest out in the middle of the prairie, nestled into the branches of a low, thorny bush. And it felt like a metaphor for how devoted focus is showing itself to flow through my life.

In order to approach the grand possibilities of this soulful transition with the most open heart and most steadfast trust in my process, I need to set solid boundaries around what I will say yes and no to. I need to be clear with myself about what is most important, and let some things go. Because if I say yes to everything, I will have less of myself to bring to fulfilling my dream and my purpose.

Truth be told, we all have a limited amount of energy to invest in this life. And if full expression of our gifts and talents are a part of what’s important to us and why we’re here, we need to shelter that priority in a way that makes it possible to show up as our best selves in the world. It isn’t easy, and not everyone understands. But it’s key to be able to stand in our authentic power and own the responsibility to choose how we create our lives.

And that is part of what devoted focus is teaching me.

So, it’s likely I won’t be around the blog so much in the coming months. Not that showing up here and sharing what I’m learning isn’t important. It is! But unless I really feel inspired to post here, I am making honoring my energy investments a part of my living practice of mindful awareness. Right now, what I know and trust is that my energy is required elsewhere. And that that determination is always in flux.

It’s not called the creative process for nothing!

Are you feeling pulled in too many directions at the moment? What important choices can you make today, to be able to invest your energy with devoted focus on the things that matter most to you?

I’d love to hear.

I have, however, begun an “almost weekly” newsletter that I’ve been sending out from my new website, called SoulNotes, which is a great way for us to stay connected, sharing short updates on the current goings on (exciting stuff!!), and little tidbits of inspiration as they arise. I would love it, if you feel called, to join me there as well.

This is far, far, far from goodbye…just a little see you around for now.

I am so very grateful for you!