The Magic of Showing Up

Three weeks ago, I launched my new project website, said goodbye to a new and dear friend, and hopped a flight for Portland, Oregon and my third visit to the World Domination Summit.

And consequently, set my third world record — this time, for the most people enjoying breakfast in bed!

IMG_2692Almost 600 of us loaded up 140 new beds, ate breakfast together while wearing our jammies (or superhero costumes…because, you know…why not??!?) and enjoyed each other’s company while breaking the world record.


To add to the fun, the beds were then donated to two different organizations in Portland that are placing them with families in need. Probably while we speak.

Awesomeness, all around.

In addition to all the usual WDS fun and merriment that keeps me going back year after year (yes, I’ve already purchased my ticket for 2016), there was yoga in the great outdoors directed by the fabulously talented Jill Knouse

IMG_2367…incredible food amongst friends…

IMG_2465…and a much needed trip to the Oregon Coast to rest and reflect…

IMG_2499I’ve been home for nearly two weeks, but all I can do while I try to manage my traveling mess and trust I will eventually get unpacked and settled in, is to marinate in the loveliness that is the magic of showing up.

Having Heart Stories Project launch on the heels of my trip to Portland, I had a solid week of sharing over and over again with anyone willing to listen, the beauty of what I had just witnessed and had the privilege to create.

HSP REV 2I am in awe of the way Heart Stories Project has been received by the world — both while at WDS and since I’ve been home — and the myriad synchronicities that have shown up, in the form of people, encouragement, connections, conversations and support.

One of the most impactful speakers for me while in Portland was Kid President and his uncle Brad Montague…

IMG_2603(photo credit: Armosa Studios)

…discussing the joy of sharing your love and goodness with the world, being of service wherever you can, and having FUN while doing it. He talked about how important it is to share your magic, because you never know whose life you are going to change in the process.

“If you want to be awesome, you treat people awesome.” ~Robby Novak, as Kid President


Later that day, my friend Jenn and I happened upon Brad and had the pleasure of chatting with him while Robby (Kid President) was being his awesome kid self, playing with other kids as an 11-year-old should…

IMG_2682(photo credit: Dustin Main)

…a conversation (and situation) that reduced me immediately to my giddy, excited, 5-year-old self.


We talked about my project, the importance of offering support rather than platitudes, being with people in the muck of life, honoring their experience AND remembering that coming from love is where it’s at.

Our conversation helped me begin to process the whirlwind of my experiences of the previous couple of weeks — from meeting Aurelie, feeling compelled to launch the project as quickly as possible, managing to pull it all off just as Aurelie passed away and the divine timing of it all.

What a gift!

Before I left for Portland, I had shared Heart Stories Project with Laura Sobiech, Zach Sobiech‘s mom, to get her thoughts. She responded with nothing but kindness, saying she would share my project on Zach’s Caring Bridge page so others could learn about it. A few hours after she did, I began receiving emails from families who have lost children thanking me for the work I was doing.


Truth be told, a part of me started freaking out. A very small, frightened part of me showed up and began to ask what the hell I thought I was doing. What if I can’t do this? I asked. What if I don’t know how to hold space for these families in their grief?

The question was mere moments out of my mouth when, lo and behold, the very next WDS speaker was Megan Divine, sharing about how to hold space for those who grieve…

IMG_2360I alternately laughed and sobbed at the thought that the deepest, scariest question I could offer up to the Universe about what I was being asked to do had just been answered.

Of course it was.

And that’s the way of it, really.

I have been feeling so strongly that I am along on this ride, a wild and exhilarating ride off the beaten path. I am a conduit, a co-creator on this journey, wherever it may lead.

I’m in.

One hundred and twenty percent. All of me. In.

With every synchronicity, I am delighted to tears. With every opportunity to be of service. With every adventure, every sharing, every connection, my body resonates on an electrical level and I think to myself, I am the luckiest person in the world to be right here, right now, where I am in this moment.

I’m excited, scared, thrilled, and fascinated by how when I show up — when I say yes to one step after the next on this wild adventure — magic happens.

The synchronicity of the past few weeks has made it so perfectly clear to me that in saying yes, in showing up even when I have absolutely no clue what’s next, everything is in order. Everything is in perfect time.

Though not my time.

That right there is the beauty of it!

There are specific elements of what is going on here that I am not in control of. Not at all. And in surrendering to that notion, in getting more and more comfortable in the not knowing and not forcing, in asking for what I need, in taking one small inspired step after the next and then stepping back to take a breath, things are happening.

Connections are happening.

Magic is happening.

If there is anything that is calling to you, anything making your heart sing, a cause you’re passionate about, or something you’ve always wanted to do that delights you to your core just by thinking about it, show up.

Just show up.

There is magic there waiting for you.

And if you feel like you have no idea what that thing is, trust that it’s there. Ask it to reveal itself to you again (and again and again and again) until you feel it in your bones, so you can remember.

Just show up.

There is magic there waiting for you.

On the other side of fear, is the reason why we’re here. Our job, each and every one of us, is to just show up to the things that delight us, to what feels good, to what makes our hearts sing. Even if we don’t know how. Even if we don’t know when. Create that space by just showing up.

Just show up.

And watch what comes next.

What is calling to you that you are consciously or subconsciously saying no to? What if you were to say yes to it instead? What would it take to give yourself permission to just show up?

I’d love to hear.

I am so humbled to be here on the journey with you, and am indeed the luckiest person in the world that we are able to share in these adventures together.

With heartfelt gratitude,