Kiddos and Cake

I went to hang out with the kiddos this afternoon while my brother and Jill went to lunch.

Another celebration! 🙂

And what do you need for a birthday?


So the kiddos and I got to work as soon as the ‘rents left the house.

We got the mix (I know, I know…) out, the bowl, the mixer, the eggs single egg…

single egg??!?

OK. We had to go to the store for eggs. Good thing it’s just down the street.

And good thing as well that we could detour by the park on our roundabout to our destination!

There were underdogs,


and pleas to spin faster.


I did as I was told, but made them promise not to barf. 😉

After we got the eggs, we were home to wash our hands and get started.

Kiddo #3 was an expert at adding the liquids, #2 at cracking the eggs, and all three got a chance to use the hand mixer for the first time.

I was too busy hands-on supervising to get pictures of this part!

We couldn’t decide whether to make cupcakes or cake so we did what any good bakers would do, and made both.



and cake…


They’re such enthusiastic decorators!

And so excited to have a surprise for mommy when she got home — from her birthday massage (a gift from the ladies at the party Thursday night!). 🙂

Quite the day for one and all! Happy big 4-0 sis!

Laid low the rest of the night. Hopping back on that bike tomorrow if it kills me!! ;)//