Walk This Way

I hope we all get tired of hearing me say how incredibly gorgeous it is outside.

Because it is. And I’ll say it again…

It’s incredibly gorgeous outside.

You didn’t think I’d do it, did you ?? 😉

Anyway, I was all geared up and ready for my walk to work this morning, excited to test out my new shoes and jacket (it was only 36* out there), but then T said, why don’t I drive you to work and you can walk home?

Ahhhhhhh…do you hear the angel’s singing??!?

I don’t call him the idea guy for nothing.

It was brilliant — not because I didn’t want to walk the full six miles, but because I’m notoriously bad at easing my way into anything.

Much less anything with the words personal and challenge attached to it.

It is in my best interest to start slow…I know this. Sometimes it’s good when the person closest to me knows it, too.

My almost recovered shin splints thank him.

It is a picture perfect afternoon, so my walk home from work was the best. About half of the trek is through our old neighborhood, along streets we used to walk all the time.

It is fun to feel so familiar there.

The lakes are starting to think hard about letting the ice out…


It’s something we used to gauge the spring by on our jaunts around the ‘hood.

And then the other half is filled with all the streets I’ve never had occasion to explore, hills I would normally avoid climbing, all the new vistas to enjoy…


…like this one over the Crystal Lake golf course to a still snow covered Buck Mountain Hill in the distance.

So much gets missed by car, traveling fast and scattered with our minds always focused in the future on the next thing.

The birds and I sang together as I went. I was greeted by happy runners, walkers and dogs. The unfamiliar surprised me at every turn…


…and I was fortunate enough to be moving at a pace where I was open to the wonder of it all (I so want one of those in my yard!!!).

Warmth radiated from everywhere, from everything. All of us — human, animal and plant alike — turning our faces to the sun, soaking it up, exuding our own sun-energy in the form of gratitude in return.

I keep chewing on the question, why am I doing this? Today, the answer is this…

Because I can.

In the few weeks since I’ve been getting more exercise, eating better has somehow evolved on its own, and I feel better than I have in a frighteningly long time.

Not that I’ve felt bad, per se. Just not optimal. And now? I can taste how amazing vibrant feels and I’m going for it.

Kind of like how Bella feels by an open door…


Kind of like Trooper in a sunbeam…


We all know how idyllic alive feels…we just need to make space for it.

And in case you want to know how Trooper really feels about having her picture taken…



Enjoy this evening!//