Keeping Watch

This afternoon we were entertained by our resident ducks, who have been hanging around quite a bit lately.

They must be nesting nearby — within a few houses of us — because they were here all…day…long.

It’s like we have new members of our family!

Last year I was sure we had more than one pair and certainly after duckling season we can end up with a pretty sizable group on them. But I kept watch of these kids this evening, and while they strolled around the yard a bit…

…for this is what our “walking ducks” do, they never left until well after dusk.

They spent the afternoon eating and drinking, bathing, stretching and smoothing their feathers. But mostly, they just like to pick a quiet spot in the yard and sit. And snooze!

I’m well aware that they could find their happy little spot anywhere. We’re not running an waterfowl refuge here.

And yet I beam with a inordinate amount of pride that of all places they could choose to make their home — or even just to spend their days — it’s here. At our house. Where they feel safe and comfortable.

Perhaps it means nothing more than a little bit of seed supplied and a water source — as small a pan of water as it is — but they come back day after day after season after season and, I’d hazard to guess, year after year.

Isn’t there something to that?

We respect their visits, hold up our end of the bargain by providing sustenance, have discussions with the little neighbor boys to leave them be. I faithfully keep watch.

I don’t know that it’s possible to love a duck — or more to say, any wild animal. But the more they come around, the more familiar they become to us — and perhaps us to them — and the more fond we become of their presence, their rhythms, their antics.

Maybe it goes too far to say they trust us or come here because they enjoy themselves. That there’s something bigger that draws them here. But animals — wild or domesticated — have played a social role in the lives of humans for as long as we’ve together roamed the Earth because we share a common bond…

…our nature is their nature. The divine exists in all of us. I’m always grateful for the opportunity to reflect that shared source with them.

And with these two…

Guess everyone’s feeling comfortable around here! πŸ™‚

Recognizing this connection, I find joy in creating space to commune, to nurture and to keep safe, all of us who seek a place of belonging.

Mi casa es tu casa. My offering from one critter to another.//


Personal Challenge Progress – Day 5

We had a busy morning with kiddo #1’s birthday party and running errands and such so I took the day as a rest day. The weather’s getting cooler and more seasonable than it’s been, but I’m all ready to get back to it tomorrow by biking to work in the morning regardless.

Biking – 14.7/750
Walking – 5.6/250



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